How big is a SUP you ask?  Well, several
groups are thinking of hosting their next
convention on it. (yeah, right). This one is
almost 12 feet long, 30 inches wide and 4
1/2 inches thick.  They aren't all this big but
stability.  What I ended up building can
almost qualify as a party boat.
The deck and rails are all redwood strips
and the inside was filled with 2-part
polyurethane pour foam.

The specs on the foam say it will float
about 65 lbs per cu ft.  There are
approximately 10 cu ft in this baby.  That's
650 lbs. of flotation capability.  Definitely a
Nimitz class vessel.  

Here it is pictured along side my 6' 11"
shortboard and my 9' 6" longboard.  It kind
of puts the size into perspective.

The only way to carry this board is with a
sling.  Even Yao Ming wouldn't be able to
get it under his arm!  There will be no hot
dogging with this board and I really pity
anyone who takes off in front of me.
Hybrid Stand Up Paddleboard
Construction: All redwood deck and rails.
Core: 2 lb. polyurethane pour foam
Bottom: Fiberglass covered foam
Weight:  60 lbs
Riders Accommodated: Small groups
Inside the nose.....
Framed and ready to plank....
Inside the tail......
All the dimensions you need to build this board are included in the book along with lots more pictures and
information.  I'm not convinced that this is the best or most useful board I have ever built - mainly because of its
weight.  Several ways to cut down the weight are discussed.  I gotta believe this thing will be fun on a small, flat day
or just cruising the bay.  I have an electric trolling motor that just might get installed some day too.  
structure really rigid but also really heavy.  My conclusion is that I would have been much better off staying with all
wood construction and leaving the foam out altogether.