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Version 11 of our
super-popular surfboard
building ebook & templates
These flat-top boards look
and surf great!
The book includes pdf spar
templates for:
Our original book showing the easiest
build method out there.
You can build this classic 12'
Stand Up Paddleboard using
out easy flat top method.

This book includes PDF spar
templates and
measurements for the ribs.
Its big but its one of our
easiest builds.
New generation plans include
full size spar and rib templates
sent to you as pdf files.  You
print them on a regular home
printer and tape them together.  
You'll save hundreds of dollars
over buying a pre-cut kit.

Several shapes available and
more on the way.
Complete instructions plus full size templates for
the ribs and spar.  And you print them at home!
Full size templates for the Mariner SUP
and full building instructions.
New designs and building
methods for the more
demanding builder.
Build one of the nicest
SUPs in the water. It's
at home in a lake or in
the surf.
  • Surfboard Plans
  • Glassing and Fin Kits
  •  Accessories
  • Total Support
- 9'6" Longboard
- 7'1" Funboard
- 5'11" Shortboard
- 5'8" Fish
- 6'2" Alaia
- Tom Blake Style Board
The Original!
Our first generation plans. Thousands
of great surfboards have been made
from these plans.
Next Generation
Our newest plans include
full-size rib and spar templates.
Build a board with a domed deck.
The Mariner SUP
A flat deck is still best for a SUP.  This
board is built using our first generation
methods and is a great all-around SUP!
We have full size templates that you print out at home and make your own kit.  You save a ton of money!
A4 Templates
Now Available!