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Store Policy

Updates are Free for Life

You only buy the instructions once. Once you are a registered user updates are always free.  Materials and techniques are constantly changing. We watch the industry to make sure we have the most current information.  If we make a change or update, you can get a complete new manual for asking.  Plus we are always here to answer questions or give advice.

Privacy & Safety

We don't share your information with anyone unless you specifically ask us to.  In the past we have had requests from customers in certain countries asking us for the names of other builders in their area so they could share information.  What we do is find the right builders in our data base and send a confidential email to each of them telling them a new builder near them would like to share information.  I give them the email address of the requestor and it is up to them to contact or not.  

Payment Methods

We only accept payment via PayPal. Its safe, fast, and free for the buyer (we pay all the fees).  We don't keep any credit card numbers or information on file.  PayPal also does all the currency conversions from local currency to U.S. Dollars.


If you have any problem, lets talk.  I want you to be 100% satisfied with our products.  Contact me at and I know we can work things out.  

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