These are the hard to find parts needed to finish your board. This kit contains a retrofit vent that makes the most leak-proof installation you can find, a black leash cup, and a 2 oz bottle of black pigment that you mix with resin to make a seemless finbox or leash cup installation. And it includes free shipping to any USA address.

Vent, Leash Cup, & Black Pigment

  • The parts you need!

    We get a lot of questions about vents and leash cups.  They can be hard to find and shipping usually doubles the price.  We put together a kit that contains these parts plus the pigment you'll need to make a professional looking installation.  And the price shown includes shipping anywhere in the U.S. The vent is plastic that will never corrode and makes the best installation seal we've found. The leash cup installs on the deck and will hold virtually any leash.  The black pigment is mixed with epoxy to make a seamless installation.  And we show you how everything is installed in the instruction manual.

Things you'll need to complete your board.