Boards up to 7'6"  This kit contains:

  • 8 yards of 4 oz. E glass cloth 30 inches wide.
  • 2 quarts of Resin Research Epoxy Resin
  • 1 quart of hardener
  • 4 oz bottle of Additive F (see Additive F description below)

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WHAT IS ADDITIVE F?  -  Additive F is a flow agent/ surfacing agent/ wetting agent unique to the epoxy industry. It’s primary function is as a surfacing/sanding agent which gives excellent flow characteristics by reducing surface tension. The same forces that act as a surfacing agent also seal the surface raising barcol hardness. This improves the sanding characteristics of the composites allowing for finer finishing and eliminating blush chemically. Blush in epoxy coatings is the primary reason for recoating difficulties in the past and required physical removal (usually sanding) before recoating could be attempted. Additive F eliminates this step.

WHAT KIND OF RESIN IS IN YOUR GLASSING KITS?  -  The Resin Research 2000CE is the industry standard for surfboard building epoxies.  The 2000CE is UV Stable and has been optically brightened to make the board appear brighter.  Resin Research 2000CE can be used alone or with
Kwik Kick as a hot coating or fill coating resin. Both can be used with Additive F as a surfacing agent or sanding aid.  Fast hardener has a pot life of 25 min @ 77 F and a set time of 2.5 hours.

WHAT KIND OF GLASS FABRIC IS IN YOUR GLASSING KITS?  -  The regular surfboard kits contain 4oz glass, this is surfboard grade fiberglass, meaning that it is quality inspected to be free of both cosmetic and structural defects.  Our glass cloth is finished with a silane finish to provide a perfectly clear laminate and is compatible with polyester and epoxy resins.  Suggested uses are for building surfboards, covering kayaks or canoes, or any application where you need a thin clear glass coating.  A typical surfboard layup is 2 layers of glass on the deck and 1 layer on the bottom although some builders use a single layer on the top and bottom to save finished weight.

Shortboard/Fish Glassing Kit

  • Epoxy Price Increase

    There is an epoxy shortage and you know what means - our supplier has raised their prices so we've had to raise our prices (we gotta eat too).  The shortages are said to be due to European factory fires and the Texas freeze.  We can quote you polyester resin which hasn't gone up as much if you are building a wall hanger or a board that will be very lightly used.  We still recommend epoxy for any wood board that will be surfed regularily. 

Things you'll need to complete your board.