Removable  Fin Kit Contains:
8", 9", or 10" Classic Longboard Fin
10 1/2" Black Fin Box
1" Black Leash Plug
2 oz. Black Pigment
Works great on longboards, Funboards, Mini Mal's, and SUPs

Removable Single Fin Kit

  • Removable Fin Kit

    Select either an 8",  9" or 10" single longboard fin.  The kit includes a 10 1/2" black finbox, a black leash plug, and a 2 oz jar of black pigment.  When the pigment is added to fiberglass resin it enables a seemless installatiopn for both the fin box and leash cup.  The 10 1/2" finbox allows the fin to be adjusted serveral inches foreward and backwards.  Color selection varies and the color you select may be unavailable at the time. If so, we'll contact you with options.

  • Everything you need!

    You'll get the fin, fin box, leash plug and black pigment - everything you need for a profissional-looking installation.

Things you'll need to complete your board.