This funboard is just that - FUN!  Its kind of a longboard that wants to be a  shortboard - and it loves a nice medium-size swell.  Let's clarify one thing right off the bat, this board doesn't have to be built as a pintail.  We've built them with "squash" tails, "square" tails, "diamond" tails, everything you can think of.  We're just proud of this particular board.

The classic pintail has low drag for speed but its easy to keep under control.  A single fin works great but you can install three, four, or even five fins.  Its almost as agile as a short board but you can get to the nose too. And the modern rail profile seals the deal.  Its works best for riders up to 190 lbs. but heavier riders are OK depending on your experience level.  


These templates are to be used in conjunction with the Hollow Wood Surfboard Manual available on this site. They are only available to people who have purchased the manual and are not sold independently.

8'6" Funboard Templates


    • Length - 86"
    • Width  -  22 1/4"
    • Nose  -  17"
    • Tail  -  14 7/8"
    • Thickness  -  2 3/4"
    • Nose Rocker  -  4 5/8"
    • Fin - Single or Thruster
    • Glassing - 4 oz, E glass
    • Suggested resin - epoxy
    • Glass schedule - 2 deck, 1 bottom
    • Bottom profile - flat
    • Construction - Fishbone frame
    • Vent - Brass or plastic

Things you'll need to complete your board.