This is our premium planset with full size templates and complete instruction manual. 


Gun's are designed for all-out  speed on big waves!  This board was inspired by boards built by one of the best big wave riders on the planet.  He charged huge surf all over the world and he ruled the Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii.  These waves require skills, courage, and the right equipment.

This board has soft 50/50 rails that get a little harder at the tail.  The bottom is flat for speed and the narrow tail reduces drag to a minimum.   

$19.99 USD get's you the pdf instruction manual and full size templates. The templates can be printed on any laser or ink jet printer and assembled into full size strips ready to be transfired to wood. The pdf files are compatible with both PC and Mac computers. This manual has over 200 photographs and illustrations that show every step of the build process in detail.

8'6" Gun With Assembly Manual

    • Length 86"
    • Width  -  20 1/16"
    • Nose  - 12 1/8"
    • Tail  - 11 1/16 "
    • Thickness  -  3"
    • Nose Rocker  - 5 13/16"
    • Tail Rocker - 3 3/8"
    • Fin - single or Thruster
    • Glassing - 4 oz, E glass
    • Suggested resin - epoxy
    • Glass schedule - 2 deck, 1 bottom
    • Bottom profile - flat
    • Construction - Fishbone frame
    • Vent - Brass or plastic