Back in 1969 the Vietnam war was going strong, man had landed on the moon, hippies and flower powerwere the rage - and surfboards were getting shorter!  The Spherical Revolver was one of the best transitional boards from that era. It was short (by longboard standards) and abandoned nose riding for speed and maneuverability. Traditional longboard shapes were being replaced by smaller spherical-shape boards that let you charge a wave instead of cruising it. It changed the way we surfed!


Fast forward to the present and we've come full circle. Longboards are back and people are loving the ride - but you just can't deny the fun of a shorter board. We call our version of this iconic board simply  the "Spherical". The Spherical is all about fun and performance and having one in your quiver will mean you are ready for any swell conditions. As with all our plans, the templates are full size for the ribs and spar and the 78 page instruction manual shows every step of the build. We pride ourselves on our customer service so we are always here to answer questionsor and give advice.


These templates are offered to customers that already have our instruction manual and want to build another board. They are the same templates as those in our premium plan sets - but without the instruction manual.  

7'10" Spherical Full Size Templates

    • Length - 7' 10"
    • Width  -  22" 1/4"
    • Nose  -  16 5/8"
    • Tail  -  15 7/16"
    • Thickness  -  2 7/8"
    • Nose Rocker  -  4 7/8"
    • Tail Rocker - 2 9/16"
    • Fin - Single or Thruster
    • Glassing - 4 oz, E glass
    • Suggested resin - epoxy
    • Glass schedule - 2 deck, 1 bottom
    • Bottom profile - slight convex into concave
    • Construction - Fishbone frame
    • Vent - Brass or plastic