This is our premium planset with full size templates and complete instruction manual. 


Fish boards are all about fun!  They are the perfect transition boards for the jump from longboards to shortboards. These little rockets are great in summer surf but can still rip in head-high winter swells. The 6' 2" fish is the "big brother" of our 5' 8" fish but with a twist.  The ribs are designed so that you can either build the board with a flat bottom or opt for a dual-concave profile at the back of the board.  Either way this board gives all the fun of the 5'8" but more flotation for bigger or less experienced riders.

Traditionally fish are built with a swallow tail and twin keel fins.  As you can see from the pictures builders are modifying them to be kite boards, wake surfers, and more.  The templates show how to build a traditional fish but use your imagination to change it to your perfect board.


$19.99 USD get's you the pdf instruction manual and full size templates. The templates can be printed on any laser or ink jet printer and assembled into full size strips ready to be transfired to wood. The pdf files are compatible with both PC and Mac computers.  This  manual has over 200 photographs and illustrations that show every step of the build process in detail. 

6'2" Fish With Assembly Manual

    • Length - 6' 2"
    • Width  -  24"
    • Nose  -  19 3/4
    • Tail  -  19 1/2"
    • Thickness  -  2 3/4"
    • Nose Rocker  -  3 "
    • Fin - Twin keel or Thruster
    • Glassing - 4 oz, E glass
    • Suggested resin - epoxy
    • Glass schedule - 2 deck, 1 bottom
    • Bottom profile - flat 
    • Construction - Fishbone frame
    • Vent - Plastic