Our epoxy glassing kits contain resin which is classified hazardous and cannot be shipped by air.  We can ship to the U.S. lower 48 states only. Canadian orders can be shipped by FedEx ground for additional cost.


Please email for a price before ordering for Canada.  

We Think Epoxy Is The Best Resin For A Wood Board!

Our glassing kits contain enough glass fabric and resin to put two layers on the deck and one on the bottom of the board. This is called a 2:1 glassing schedule and is the industry standard.

We like Resin Research resin because it cures to an absolutely clear finish and creates a strong, durable, UV resistant surface.  The E glass cloth in our kits wets out easily without having to press hard to saturate the cloth. This virtually eliminates snags and bubbles under the glass.   

A bottle of Additive F is included in each glassing kit.  A small amount is added to the finish (gloss) coat.  It helps the gloss coat flow better resulting in a smooth, crystal clear finish that is easy to sand and polish