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Fin Kits

We offer a selection of both removable and glass-on fins. Our fin kit are designed to give the builder products with proven quality and performance.    


We lean toward glass-on fins because eliminating fin boxes eliminates one of the main sources of leaks.  We offer both dual and triple glass-on fin setups and our instruction manual shows how to install them.  But if you want something more exotic than a standard fin, the instructions show how to make your own wood fin - as well as how and where to install it.

All fiberglass fins are shipped directly from our supplier since they are able to maintain a good selection.  However, there are times that a certain color or size fin might be out of stock.  We'll let you know right away if a fin you ordered is on back order and we'll work with you to fine an acceptable alternative. 


The fins on your surfboard can make or break your day!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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