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Our template pages have been edited and sized to allow them to be printed on a regular laser or ink jet printer.  All the extra lines, marks, and blank spaces have been edited out.  The components have been arranged to have minimum unused space so you don't waste paper when you print them.  And they print on both U.S. "A" size paper as well as European "A4" size paper.

International buyers, no duties, no taxes, no waiting for customs clearance, and no shipping delays. 

                                              You can start building today!

You don't need to take these files to a print shop, you can print them right at home on your own printer.   We include full instructions to show you how, and since they are pdf files, it doesn't matter if you have a PC or a Mac. 

tracing ribs.jpg

Templates can be printed as individual pages and taped together or printed on a continuous feed printer to save the taping step. 

The templates are traced onto wood and the kit parts cut out.  Cost is a fraction of the price of a kit.

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