"Why do I need your manual?"

Actual Templates and Pages from the Assembly Manual 

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Instant PDF Download of Manual and all 12 Templates

We've been designing and building wood surfboards for a decade and a half. During this time we've developed and refined our board shapes as well as our instructions. We've seen others and we're sure ours are the best available.  With our plans package you get 12 proven shapes and soma of the best instructions in the industry.


Our builders manual has evolved over the years and contains the most up-to-date instructions anywhere. The current manual is in its 4th major revision and every time it gets improved all customers get the update free!  


The pdf manual currently contains 78 full color pages with over 200 detailed pictures and illustrations. The clear instructions are easy to understand and will get you building fast. They are all hi resolution pictures that you can zoom in on for detail.  And if you ever lose the manual we'll send you another pdf copy no charge - forever!  

The templates  for our 12 best surfboard shapes include longboards, shortboards, intermediates, and SUPs. You can take the pdf files to a print shop that has a continuous feed printer and print them in long strips or print them on your home printer and tape up the pages.  Either way you end up with full size templates that have been optimized to save paper.  The pdf files are sent in a Zip file that works on both PC's and Mac's.   A download link is sent for everything as soon as you order so there's no waiting.