"Why do I need your manual?"

"I found free instructions on the internet...."

Would you buy a car and say "I'll just use the manual from my neighbors car".  It's the same thing with our templates.  There are other instructions out there but our manual was designed specifically to support our templates. And we work hard to keep it the best one on the market.


You only have to buy it once - and then you can get any of the templates for $4.99 each. It doesn't matter if its a day later or 10 years later.  Plus you'll also get free email support and updates for life.  We keep an accurate data base so we'll  know who you are and what you're working on.

The pdf manual currently contains 78 pages with over 200 detailed pictures and illustrations. They are all hi resolution pictures that you can zoom in on for detail.  And if you ever lose the manual we'll send you another pdf copy no charge - forever!  We know our templates best and our instructions make sure you will too.

Actual Assembly Manual Pages


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