Jack Young is shown holding the last foam board he shaped in 2005 and his first hollow wooden board - "Old Number 1".  That first wood board took almost 6 months to build because he was learning as he went. It had a flat deck and was slightly heavier than a similar foam board but, other than that, it looked are performed like any other foam board.  Since those days the boards have evolved into modern designs with domed decks and modern rocker profiles. . 

Jack was an experienced technical writer so he took lots of pictures and documented every step of the build.  It took several months to organize all that material into an instruction manual but when the first ads appeared on eBay the response was kind of mind blowing. There really was a market for this product!  That led to adding more models and constantly improving and updating the plans.

Things have come a long ways since those early days.  Shaping software has become readily available and now just about anybody can "design" a surfboard - and it seems like just about everybody does!  The building process has evolved too.  There are always several ways to accomplish a woodworking step so we are always looking for innovations.  We build prototypes of every new board and if we find a better way to do something we incorporate it into the instruction manual.  Our first book went through 14+ revisions before the major overhaul that made the book we offer today.  Version 4 of that manual was recently released and every customer can request a free update - forever.

We feel very blessed to have lasted all these years in this industry.  The real rush is knowing that, not only were we the first, but we've helped over 10,000 people build their "dream board".  We are never too busy to answer questions and we'd love to help you build the nicest board you'll ever own.  Contact me any time at jack@woodsurfboardplans.com