• Surfboard Plans
  • Glassing and Fin Kits
  •  Accessories
  • Total Support
  • Length - 9' 6"
  • Width  -  31 5/16"
  • Nose  -  18 15/16"
  • Tail  -  19 1/8"
  • Thickness  -  4 9/16"
  • Nose Rocker  -  1 11/16"
  • Single or any combination
  • Glassing - 4/6 oz, E glass
  • Suggested resin - epoxy
  • Glass schedule - 2 deck, 1 bottom
  • Bottom profile - Flat
  • Construction - Fishbone frame
  • Vent - Brass or plastic
9' 6" Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)
This is the short SUP that everybody's been asking for!  Only 9' 6" long but almost 32" wide in the middle and 4" thick.  
She's a great size for still water paddling but with 4 9/16' of nose rocker you won't pearl in the surf.  Great all-around SUP
that's easy to handle and will work for riders up to 200 lbs. (more for experienced riders).
But you still print them out on a regular ink jet or laser printer.  Then you
simply tape the pages together, cut out the full size rib and spar templates
and transfer them to plywood.  You end up with a high quality frame for a
fraction of the cost of a kit.  The book shows all the details and takes you
step-by-step through the whole building process.
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Please Note:
This is not the same instruction manual as the flat-top
board manual.
It is unique to the dome top boards and the instructions
are similar but not interchangeable .
How to Build the 9' 6" SUP
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